Best Decorative hose holders and hose stands

5 Best Decorative Hose Holders and Hose Stands

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The only hose storage tool that is better than a hose holder, is a decorative hose holder!

The decorative hose holders and hose stand help solve the longer-length garden hose storage issues while adding a great design to your outdoor spaces.

No matter which type of hose holder you choose and even if you keep your hose holder outdoors during the cold season, please bear in mind to properly winterize your garden hoses before the freezing temperatures hit. 

In this post, we selected the best decorative models from each available category of hose holders that we could think of.

Keep reading below and choose the one you like most!

1. Liberty Garden Products Wall Mounted Decorative Hose Butler

Liberty Garden Products Wall Mounted Decorative Hose Butler

Material: Cast aluminum with powder coat finish

Holds up to 125 feet of 5/8 inch garden hose

Color: black metal with vintage fade golden insertion

Installation type: heavy-duty, wall-mounted hose holder

Hose holder style: manual hose winding/coiling  

Dimension and weight: 6.5 x 12 x 12 inches / 2.1 pounds

If you are looking for a classic, well-made, durable, and sturdy garden hose holder, this decorative hose hanger from Liberty Garden becomes a perfect option.  This hose holder is made with quality materials, it has a premium look, and it confides a decorative touch to your outdoor walls. 

Not to mention its functionality and how easy it is to install and wind up your garden hose to it. 

The Liberty Hose Butler has a four-keyhole mounting system that ensures increased stability and resistance once the garden hose is stored on it. It is covered with a powder coat finish that makes it rust-resistant and helps increase its lifespan, no matter the weather conditions. 

This decorative hose holder has three separate hose supporting pillars that will keep your garden hose evenly coiled, without any kinks and tangles. 

Why choose this classic water hose holder?

It can be mounted to any type of wall, no matter if your walls are made of brick, stucco, wood, cement, etc. 

As it is made with premium quality materials, you can use this hose holder for years and years, with little or no maintenance. And when we say maintenance, we only think of quick repainting after a few years of use. No other maintenance will be needed. 

Fully made with cast aluminum, this hose butler is both durable and lightweight, and it is totally rust-resistant. 

The diameter and inner depth of this hose hanger make it perfect for storing very large garden hoses onto it.  

This hose holder model is available in three different designs: tulip, tree, and iris. Choose your favorite!

And lastly, due to its decorative design, it can easily improve the look of your garden while removing long garden hoses from your garden sidewalks. This hose holder will definitely help you better organize your garden hoses and your overall outdoor areas.

What we didn’t like

Mounting hardware not included. But this makes sense, as this hose holder can be mounted on so many different wall materials. 

Material: Iron

Holds up to 125 feet of 5/8 inch garden hose 

Color: different options available – black, green, bronze, white

Installation type: heavy-duty, freestanding hose hanger, ground-mounted hose stand

Hose holder style: manual hose winding/coiling  

Dimension and weight: 15 x 6.5 x 45 inches / 6.19 pounds

Another good option to store your garden hoses while not in use is to use a freestanding hose hanger. And Amagabeli holders are not only freestanding, heavy-duty hose hangers, but they are also decorative. Therefore, these types of hose stands can easily blend in and beautify all types of garden decors. This model is available in four different colors. For sure you will find the perfect color match for your garden design

Why choose this freestanding garden hose stand?

Well, the answer is simple. These hose holder models are the easiest to install and maneuver.  There is a minimum assembly necessary, but all the parts are included in the package. 

When you choose a ground system hose holder, you don’t need to drill any holes in your brick walls or house siding to install it. Simply decide where in your outdoor space this holder best fits and poke it into the ground. And, if the case, you can easily relocate it as you see fit. 

If you choose the Amagabeli Hose Hanger, you can be sure you will have a sturdy, long-lasting hose holder that you can keep using for years. It is made of high-quality powder-coated iron, with an anti-rust finish, which helps extend its lifespan no matter what weather conditions it is facing. 

It holds a long-length hose without losing its balance. This hose stand will remain in the same vertical standing position even when you load it to its maximum capacity.

What we didn’t like

This free-standing garden hose hanger is made of four different parts which can be easily assembled based on the instructions provided by the manufacturer. However, if this hose stand would have been made from a single welded unit, then you could really consider it a heavy-duty tool. 

Material: steel

Holds up to 100+ feet of 1/2 inch garden hose 

Color: copper or bronze

Installation type: ground-mounted Hose Holder Pot with Lid

Hose holder style: manual hose winding/ coiling

Dimension and weight: 20.5 x 20.5 x 17.5 inches / 12.5 LBS

With so many types of decorative hose holders available, you should definitely go through each option to find the one that you like best. 

This Ground Garden Hose Pot sold by Birdrock Home is a totally different design than all the other hose hangers we detail in this post. It is very stylish, and the garden hose can be easily coiled inside the large Hose Pot. And then you can easily hide the hose completely by covering the pot with the lid. 

There are two colors you can choose from, and the design of this hose storage tool will blend easily into any garden decor. 

Why choose this ground pot hose holder?

The Birdrock Home Hose Pot is very easy to use and no assembly is needed. As it has two solid handles, it can be easily carried around the garden or moved from one place to another. 

This hose holder is well made, lightweight, but strong and sturdy. It includes rubber protection feet on the exterior bottom, to protect it from scratches. 

The hose pot also includes a plug that can be used to connect the water hose to the hose bib without taking out the hose from the storage pot. Alternatively, this plug is used to drain any water that might get inside the hose pot in time. 

Another plus is the lid which perfectly matches the hose pot, keeping your hose completely hidden after use, while also protecting it from dust and dirt. 

And finally, what we like best is that you can use it for multiple purposes. You can choose to keep it outside and store garden hoses or other gardening tools inside. Or you can use it indoors, and store blankets, pillows, or other items of your choice. Your imagination is the limit!

What we didn’t like

This hose holder is fully made of metal, so it is prone to rust. No extra rust-free layer of protection is provided. To increase its lifespan and avoid rust issues, consider spraying one or two coats of clear lacquer, or another type of clear sealant before using it outdoors.

Material: Aluminum

Holds up to 125 feet of 5/8 inch garden hose

Color: Bronze

Installation type: wall-mounted

Hose holder style: manual hose reel with hose guide

Dimension and weight: 15 x 22.6 x 13.5 inches/ 17 pounds

A hose reel can be very useful, especially when handling long and heavy garden hoses. But a decorative wall-mounted hose reel is even better!

This Decorative Garden Hose Reel sold by Liberty Garden is one of our favorites!

It comes fully assembled and all you need to do is to install it on an outdoor wall. It is very sturdy and can hold a high weight without any issues. 

This hose reel is made to last. The manufacturer used premium cast aluminum and added a durable powder-coated finish to the reel. This layer of protection will keep this holder as new for many seasons. 

Why choose this hose reel holder?

There are a lot of additional helpful features available with this Decorative Garden Hose Reel. 

This hose holder is very versatile and easy to install and use. It has an inbuilt hose guide. So once you installed your garden hose on the reel, the hose guide will help you easily roll and unroll the garden hose without worrying about tangles or uneven winding. 

This is a heavy-duty manual hose reel, fully made of cast aluminum with a durable powder coat finish. The other included fittings are fully brass/galvanized. This is why this hose reel holder is so sturdy and weather resistant. It is a gardening tool made to last for seasons and seasons to come. 

Another plus is the extra storage space. This hose holder includes a storage shelf where you can either store smaller gardening tools for daily use or place some nice flowerpots to decorate your wall. 

It comes fully assembled and the package includes 5 feet leader hose, so you can easily connect it to your outdoor faucet. 

What we didn’t like

There is not much to comment on in the cons section when reviewing Liberty Garden’s decorative hose reel.

The sole minus that we can think of is that the mounting hardware is not included. However, this is explicable as there are so many types of walls that this holder can be mounted to. So Liberty Garden chose to not include all the different types of hardware that would have been necessary to cover all these scenarios. 

Material: powder-coated steel alloy 

Holds up to 125 feet of 5/8 inch garden hose

Color: black

Installation type: freestanding hose hanger, ground-mounted hose stand

Hose holder style: manual hose winding/coiling  

Dimension and weight: 7.25 x 14.25 x 42.25 inches / 8 pounds

As you probably noticed by now, when talking about decorative hose holders and stands, our favorite brand is Liberty Garden.  

This is a very attractive hose stand design. It is made of premium quality steel alloy, fully metal, with a durable powder coat finish. It can face any weather conditions without rusting or deteriorating. 

No assembly is necessary, and the installation is as simple as stepping down to its anchor point to set it up anywhere in your garden ground. It has a 5-Prong Anchor Support for increased stability and can hold a very large garden hose without losing its balance. You can easily relocate it where you see fit or store it away for the winter. 

Why choose this decorative, freestanding hose hanger?

The main reason we can think of is its dual functionality. On one side you can use this stand to store your winded garden hose. On the other side, you can use this Liberty Garden Hose Stand as an outdoor bib extender.

This is a great addition to a hose stand, especially when you don’t have as many outdoor faucets as you need. 

A hose bib extender is a simple system made of a solid stand, a hose bib, and a leader hose or a standard garden hose that allows you to move the water source from your current hose bib to a different area of your garden. This is how you place the hose bib where you best see fit. 

This hose stand has a brass faucet, is very durable, and is easily compatible with any hose thread size. 

There are four different designs that you can choose from. Carrington and Dragonfly if you choose the hose holder with the inbuilt bib extender. Scroll and Tulip design if you choose the standard hose holder model. With so many options, you will certainly find the one you need!

What we didn’t like

One thing to consider when choosing a freestanding hose holder that is mounted by stepping it down into the soil is the soil type. Installing this model of hose holder into a hard soil like a rocky soil might be difficult. Also, balance issues might appear in the situation where you have clay soil.


After reviewing all the hose storage models with a decorative design, and considering the overall quality, functionality, and ease of use, in the long run, our decisive vote goes to Liberty Garden Decorative Garden Hose Reel.   

Apart from its beautiful decorative design, this hose reel has all the features you need! The ease of setup, installation, and use. The premium quality looks and feel. The included leader hose and hose guide. The extra storage space. 

It is a great tool that will help anyone with the day-to-day garden watering tasks! 

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