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Here at MainGardenTools, we are big fans of green, healthy, and full-of-life gardens! 

We were fortunate enough to have the chance of moving to a country house during the start of the pandemic but soon realized how much work maintaining a garden involves. 

One crucial step in keeping our garden alive is, of course, water.  Therefore, our Blog is focused on all the available options related to watering gardens of all kinds. 

With so many products out there and so many factors to consider, the main purpose of our Blog is to gather all relevant information related to watering your garden. And this includes many tools, from garden hoses, water nozzles, hose fittings & adaptors to the newest available watering systems! 

You will discover how to choose, install and use different garden tools depending on specific scenarios of intended use. 

On the dedicated page 5 Best Ones, we usually select five products within a dedicated category and provide a detailed description with pros and cons, based on our own preference. The information you can find there is either based on our own experience when using the products or is based on the manufacturer statements, our friend’s feedback, and checking a multitude of reviews which helps us provide an accurate point of view. Our intention is not to persuade you to make a certain purchase. Instead, our purpose is to provide all the available details and information about the products, in a centralized manner so you can easily decide which option is for you.

We hope you find our suggestions helpful and enjoy our blog posts!

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