Manual Freestanding Hose Reel

5 Best Freestanding, Ground Mounted Hose Reels with A Crank Handle

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You are a hose reel fan but don’t want to drill holes in your outdoor walls? In this case, the best option for you is to choose a Freestanding Hose Reel with Crank Handle!
In this post, we will describe our top five favorite ground-mounted, manual hose reels with a crank handle. Continue reading below and pick your favorite as well!
But before reading further, please always remember to winterize your garden hoses and hose reels before storing them away during the cold season. 

75 feet of 5/8 inch hose
160 feet of 1/2" hose
131 feet of 5/8" hose
82 feet of 3/4" hose
150 feet of 5/8 inch hose
200 feet of ½ inch hose
200 feet of 5/8-inch hose
 196 feet of ½-inch hose

1. Yard Butler Manual Hose Reel

Yard Butler Manual Hose Reel with Handle
Yard Butler Manual Hose Reel (photo via

Material: Steel tube frame, stainless steel inlet pipe, brass hose fittings

Color: Silver

Size (LxWxH) and Weight: 15 x 13.25 x 13.87 inches / 18.5 pounds

Holds up to 75 feet of 5/8 inch hose 

Leader hose included: yes, 5 feet of leader hose

Garden hose included: no

One of our first selections from Yard Butler was their Free Standing Swivel Hose Reel. 

This is a heavy-duty hose reel that can hold up to 200 feet of hose without sagging. It is fully made of metal, but the downside part is the installation. In order to secure its position correctly, this garden hose reel must be installed in concrete. So, it is not an easy installation process for everyone. 

However, their Handy Hose Reel model is also a good choice for someone searching for a ground portable hose reel. 

This portable hose reel is fully made of metal, 7/8” 16 GA welded steel tube frame, stainless steel inlet pipe, and has all brass water hose fittings. It also has a durable powder-coated finish to prevent any rust from appearing in time. It comes fully assembled and the leader hose is included. All you need to do is connect your garden hose to it and start watering your plants. 

It has a very stable base, and it won’t trip when you wind your hose onto it. Additionally, a foot pad is designed on one side of the base support, so you can hold the hose reel with your foot when you uncoil the hose. It is considered a heavy-duty hose reel but at the same time, it is portable and versatile. You can easily carry it where needed by using the inbuilt handle. 

If the need is, this Yard Butler Handy Reel can be mounted on an exterior wall or stand and it has pre-drilled holes for such an installation. However, its main feature is its portability so you can place it on any type of horizontal surface. 

And if Silver is not your favorite color, this hose reel is available in other three different colors that you can choose from blue, green, and purple.


If you use it to its maximum capacity or depending on the type of garden hose that you have and how heavy it is, the hose reel stability might get impacted. This means you must hold the hose reel in place using either your hand or your foot while uncoiling the hose. 

In some cases, and especially if you intend to keep the hose reel outdoors year-round, consider adding some extra anti-rust protection. To increase its lifespan and avoid rust issues, spray one or two coats of clear lacquer, or another type of clear sealant before using it outdoors.

GARDENA CANADA 8009 Wall Mount Hose Reel with Hose
GARDENA CANADA 8009 Hose Reel with Hose (photo via

Material: Polyethylene

Color: Grey and blue 

Size and Weight: 15.41 x 17.94 x 15.41 inches / 10.1 pounds

Holds up to 160 feet of 1/2″ hose / 131 feet of 5/8″ hose / 82 feet of 3/4″ hose

Leader hose included: no

Garden hose included: yes

Gardena products are made in Germany and are high quality, high performance, and, most important, durable gardening tools. This entire set is made of high-quality materials and is resistant to daily wear and tear.

If you have a smaller garden or a smaller outdoor surface to cover, this hose reel will be a perfect choice for you! It is a compact, small-size hose reel that you can start using immediately or effortlessly install on any type of exterior wall.

This 8009 hose reel model is shipped as ready to use. It comes fully assembled and it is equipped with all the necessary fittings. You can start using it immediately after attaching the leader hose and connecting it to a hose bib. 

This is a very versatile hose holder. In case you choose to mount it on a wall then you can easily remove the reel from the wall support and use it as a freestanding, portable hose reel, whenever needed. Then place it back on the wall support. As it has an ergonomic handle for transportation, you can carry it around your garden and place it on the ground while watering. 

It has a triangular base construction which makes the reel highly stable. It will not easily tip when using it on the ground. 

The package includes 65 feet of ½-inch quality water hose, all the necessary Gardena System parts, a wall bracket, mounting parts, and a cleaning nozzle.

In case you want to install your own garden hose onto this reel, the maximum capacity that it can hold is 160 feet of 1/2″ hose, 131 feet of 5/8″ hose, or 82 feet of 3/4″ hose.

Gardena offers a 5-year warranty for most of their products, this hose reel is no exception.


The leader hose is not included separately in the package. You will need to create your own leader hose by cutting the necessary length from the included garden hose. Then attach the included Gardena connectors and use the leader hose to connect the hose reel to the water source. 

Another possible inconvenience is that it has no hose guide system inbuilt.  To ensure the hose is coiled evenly, you do need to guide the hose on the reel with one hand while winding it up with the other hand. 

Giraffe Tools Metal Reel Box, Heavy Duty
Giraffe Metal Hose Reel Box (photo via

Material: Metal

Color: Bronze 

Size (LxWxH) and Weight: 20.5 x 22.8 x 17 inches / ‎26 pounds

Holds up to 150 feet of 5/8 inch hose or 200 feet of ½ inch hose

Leader hose included:  yes, 5 feet of leader hose

Garden hose included: no

This manual hose reel is different, in terms of overall appearance, from the other four products that we have selected for this Best 5 Top. 

This hose reel box has a decorative design, and its dark green color will blend perfectly with any outdoor decor. It does not take up too much space and keeps your garden hose hidden and protected from any extreme weather conditions or dirt and debris.

So, if you want to keep your garden hose properly stored, out of your sight but at the same time ready to use, then this type of hose reel box is the perfect solution! 

The hose reel box is made of a strong metal housing with a rust-resistant coating, and it is heavy enough to provide the proper stability to the entire system when the reel is in use. It has a large capacity and can easily hold up to 150 feet of standard 5/8 inch hose. 

The installation can be completed within minutes and detailed installation instructions are provided in the product packaging. 

There are plenty of special features to love about this hose reel.  One of our favorites is the inbuilt hose guide Self-Layering System. This feature ensures the garden hose is rolled evenly without worrying about tangles and kinks. It automatically moves from left to right and vice versa when you coil your garden hose back to the reel box. 

The carrying handholes are another great feature to mention. There are two side handholes that you can use to lift or move the reel where you need it easily. 

Lastly, the hose reel box lid can be opened easily for hose connecting, disconnecting, or troubleshooting.

Currently, there are two options available on Amazon, either you can choose the hose reel box without the included garden hose, or you can choose the hose reel with an included 100 feet of garden hose.


There are not many cons to mention about this hose reel holder. Probably the only important thing you should know is that this hose reel box is not suited for a 3/4 garden hose.
Another thing to mention is that the assembling process can become challenging if you don’t follow all the provided instructions.

Floor Mounted Hose Reel
Liberty Garden 709 Steel Wall/Floor Mounted Hose Reel (photo via

Material: Alloy Steel

Color: Tan

Size and Weight: 15 x 21.9 x 17.6 inches / 14.5 pounds

Holds up to 200 feet of 5/8-inch garden hose

Leader hose included: yes, 5 ft leader hose

Garden hose included: no

This hose reel provided by Liberty Garden is a heavy-duty, full metal model. It is made with tough 13-gauge steel, and it has an industrial-strength powder-coated finish. This is a good indicator that it will last for many seasons, no matter which weather conditions it is exposed to. No special maintenance is necessary. 

All the water couplings are full brass, galvanized corrosion-resistant, and leakage-proof. The leader hose is included in the package. 

This hose reel model comes assembled, only the crack handle and the leader hose need to be attached. All the necessary instructions are provided by the supplier so you can do this minor assembly effortlessly. 

This Liberty Garden reel model is perfect for both medium and heavy-duty long garden hoses. It is easy to maneuver and operate even when you use it to its maximum capacity. It has an excellent wide drum area and with a minimum effort, you can turn the crank handle and get your water hoses coiled and off the ground. 

You can use it as a standalone, floor hose reel unit, or install it onto different types of outdoor walls. If you choose to use it on the ground, you should know that four rubber boots are included in the package. Place them on the base plate of the reel before use, to protect both the hose reel and the surface you set it onto. 


Mounting hardware is not included.
As it has no hose guide system inbuilt, you do need to guide the hose with one hand while winding it up with the other hand.

Hozelock 2 In 1 Hose Reel with Garden Hose
Hozelock 2 in 1 Hose Reel with 25m Hose (photo via

Material: High-quality plastic and metal parts

Color: Grey and yellow

Size (LxWxH) and Weight: 13.78 x 13.78 x 21.97 inches / 11.46 Pounds

Holds up to 196 feet of ½-inch hose

Leader hose included: no

Garden hose included: yes, 82 feet of ½-inch hose

This Hozelock hose reel is a 2-in-1 reel holder as you can use it as is, standing on the ground, or you can mount it on an exterior wall if needed. 

It has a durable metal handle and a reinforced steel axle which increases its stability during use.
Additionally, this hose reel comes supplied with wall fixings, faucet connectors, hose connectors, and hose nozzle. It also includes 82 feet of ½-inch hose. 
It is a very strong and robust hose reel, made with premium materials and it will last for years no matter the extreme weather conditions or how intensively it is used.

Once assembled, this hose holder reel is very lightweight and compact, and it is easy to carry around.  
A 1-year warranty is offered by the manufacturer, but it can be increased to 5 years if you register the product on the Hozelock website. 


Full assembly is needed. While the proper instructions are provided in the package, you need some previous experience assembling similar products to complete this step easily. 
The leader hose is not provided separately but the necessary hose end connectors are included. You will need to cut the necessary length from the 82 feet hose and set it up with the hose connectors to obtain the leader hose.


If you need to use your hose reel intensively, or if you hold medium to heavy-duty hoses on your reel, then you will most probably need a heavy-duty hose reel. 

And in this case, our vote goes to Liberty Garden 709 Steel Wall/Floor Mounted Hose Reel as it is the best heavy-duty, freestanding hose reel, in our opinion. 

If you need a standard, lower usage commercial freestanding reel, then our recommendation is to select the Hozelock 60m 2 in 1 Hose Reel.

We consider that these are the best hose reels that fall into the ground-mounted, portable hose reel category and they are perfect for day-to-day use, for any gardener out there. 

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