Telescopic watering wands

5 Best Telescopic Watering Wands With a Pivoting Nozzle Head

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If you wonder which are the best telescopic watering wands with a pivoting, adjustable angle, nozzle, you came to the right place!
In this post we will cover the best 5 watering wands that fall in this category. Continue reading the full list to find out all the relevant details for each wand model!

Watering Wand Model Length Range Price
From 33” up to 48”
From 25” up to 36”
From 42” up to 72”
From 27.5” up to 41.3”
From 36” up to 60”

1. Melnor RelaxGrip Extension Wand, 8-Pattern Pivoting Nozzle

Melnor RelaxGrip Extension Wand, 8-Pattern Pivoting Nozzle-min

Technical specifications:

Adjustable Size Range: Extends from 33” up to 48”

Weight:  12 ounces

Colors:  black with metal and yellow insertions

Materials used: stainless steel body construction with a soft, rubber-like ergonomic grip

Maneuvering type:  thumb control to easily control water flow

Additional features:

  • The wand nozzle head includes 8 different stream patterns: soaker, flat, jet, shower, mist, cone, full, center.
  • This watering wand has a pivoting nozzle that rotates within a 180 degrees angle range. This allows you to change the nozzle position according to your needs and direct the water stream to the most difficult to reach places. 
  • Includes one quick connect adapter for easy attachment to any standard gardening hose.


This Melnor watering lance is great for most watering tasks you might use your garden hose for. 
It has many useful stream patterns, soaker type is among these, and the multi-angle nozzle head is a great feature. It solves the problem of watering hanging baskets or the plants in the back spaces that are usually hard to reach. 
The long, adjustable length wand lance and the pivoting nozzle head are the perfect solutions for reaching any remote areas that you normally need to water constantly. 
The high-quality materials used for this watering translate into a well-made sturdy construction hose wand without being heavy or difficult to use. 
This hose wand is Easy to hold and maneuver for long periods of time. 
The Watering wand has a smooth and easy operation mode. The water wand ball valve gives you the ability to control the water flow easily, just by sliding it with your thumb. It works similarly with a water flow rate adjuster that is very fluid, easy to move, and control effortlessly. Therefore, some plants can get a gentle flow, whereas others can get a full flow. 
A 2 Year Limited Warranty is offered by Melnor. 


Extending the watering wand might feel as difficult the first few times until you get used to using this hose wand.
When extending the hose watering lance leakage may appear in some cases. But this would be due to an item defect and Melnor support is quick and reliable. They will provide you with a replacement item once you report this type of issue to them. 
The bundle only includes the male end of the quick-connect hose fitting. You will still need to buy the female end connector separately to be able to attach it to the garden hose. 
Due to the wand length, it will need larger storage space as the wand has no storage hook inbuilt.

Technical specifications

Adjustable Size Range:  Extends from 25” up to 36”

Weight:  1.17 pounds

Colors:  golden brown with black insertions

Materials used:  durable die-cast zinc, with light durable aluminum tube and plastic nozzle head

Maneuvering type:  front pistol trigger

Additional features:

    • The wand nozzle head includes 6 most useful water patterns: soft shower, jet, mist, flat, cone, and soaker
    • The wand nozzle head includes a mesh plate that can be screwed out for cleaning once the water debris builds up. 
    • The hose lance includes water flow control dial, to easily adjust the water volume that gets distributed for each stream type. 
    • The wand nozzle head is a 180-degree ratcheting head and easily rotates to different angles
    • A metal clip is added to the watering wand grip. Its purpose is to lock the trigger in an open position, so you won’t need to keep the trigger pressed while watering. The handle clip will help you reduce hand fatigue when holding the pistol nozzle
    • The wand nozzle turret head is covered with a layer of soft anti-slip rubber, so you can effortlessly dial the nozzle head to different stream patterns.
    • Nozzle Thread Diameter is 3/4 inches and fits standard US connector.
    • A 1-year warranty is offered by the manufacturer.


This wand has a soft, extra-fine shower stream pattern which resembles the natural rain flow pattern that all plants love. The mesh plate that is added to the nozzle head to produce this soft rain stream is detachable and can be cleaned and reused. 
The turret nozzle of the hose wand includes the most used watering patterns. You can use this hose lance for most watering and cleaning activities that a standard water nozzle can do. 
The nozzle head rubber grip allows you to easily adjust different water patterns even when your hands are wet. Also, it prevents any bad experiences when the nozzle head is hot or cold and you need to adjust the water pattern.
The wand adjustable length and the pivoting nozzle head will allow you to easily reach any remote space that you need to clean or water. 
This wand hose attachment is made of premium quality materials, it is sturdy and built to last.


The hose wand might feel heavy during extended watering sessions. 
Some may experience leaking issues while they extend the watering wand. These are rare cases and replacement will be provided for products with this defect.
This watering wand has no storage hook included but you can use the metal clip on the wand to grip for vertical storage.

Technical specifications:

Adjustable Size Range:  Extends from 42” up to 72” 

Weight:  1.5 pounds

Colors:  black with metal insertions

Materials used:  aluminum body with rubber grip and plastic nozzle head

Maneuvering type:  thumb control shut-off valve 

Additional features:

  • This hose wand includes 4 different watering patterns: vertical, horizontal, jet, and shower
  • The pivoting nozzle head can be locked into a fixed angle position with the inbuilt nozzle lock slide. 
  • The Orbit watering wand has a quick-release button that allows you to quickly extend the pole with the push of a button.
  • The water wand has a standard hose thread attachment to easily attach it to any garden hose.


This hose water lance made by Orbit has a different and special design. 
The most important feature is the available length that it can extend to. The maximum extension length of 72 inches makes it perfect for cleaning second-story windows, house siding, and more. 
The spray head size is perfect to fit inside a standard gutter. The jet pressure stream delivered by this watering wand makes it perfect for cleaning gutters. 
In the meantime, you can also use it for standard plant or garden watering, using the other available stream types. It is a great telescoping hose lance that includes all the necessary watering patterns and more. 
The wand lance extends effortlessly, by a push of a button. There is no need to screw and unscrew the lance to extend it.
The pivoting wand nozzle head can be locked in a fixed position by sliding the lock-in slide button near the water nozzle. Therefore, you can angle the spray to where you need it without the worry of bumping it out of place.


The only two cons that we can think of. 
Firstly, this watering wand is a bit heavier than others. Using it for extended periods can become tiring. 
Secondly, due to the wand length storage issues may arise. 

Technical specifications:

Adjustable Size Range:  extends from 27.5” up to 41.3”

Weight:  15.3 ounces

Colors:  black with yellow and metal insertions

Materials used: anodized aluminum tube with rubberized ergonomic grip

Maneuvering type:  Thumb control 

Additional features:

  • Karcher watering lance includes 6 different watering patterns, such as cone, flat, angled, jet, mist, and shower.
  • The watering wand thread is Compatible with the three most widely used hose diameters and all available click-connect systems.
  • The pivoting head can be turned to different angles in a 180° range. 
  • The nozzle head includes a hanging hook for easy storage


This is a great hose telescoping water lance. It has lots of options for watering and the watering wand nozzle head pivots to different angels. 
The wand extension is very smooth, and the water release lever is well made. 
This watering wand components and overall construction are of high quality. The operating mode is effortless and very easy to maneuver.  It is easy to hold this hose lance and the water flow can be adjusted very precisely. Therefore, you can apply gradual and variable pressure for each water stream pattern.   
The Karcher watering wand is an excellent product. It is robust, easy to use, with no leaks.


The maximum length of this watering wand might not suffice for some watering or cleaning activities. Thinking it is a telescoping watering wand, you might expect a longer extension to be available. 
The nozzle pressure is not sufficient in some cases, especially if the water pressure in your hose bib is not so high. 
The price range is slightly higher than for other similar quality watering wand models, with similar available features. 

Technical specifications:

Adjustable Size Range:  extends from 36” up to 60”

Weight:  ‎1.6 pounds

Colors:  metal with black and green insertions

Materials used:  aluminum alloy telescopic tube, powder-coated metal trigger, heavy-duty metal nozzle head with rubberized bezel dial, and coated with soft TPU non-slip grip

Maneuvering type:  Front control trigger pistol 

Additional features:

  • This watering wand includes 7 different watering types: center, full, shower, cone, flat, jet, and mist. 
  • The hose wand nozzle head is a 180-degree ratcheting head and easily rotates to different angles. 
  • The water control valve placed above the pistol trigger allows you to control the water flow level for all the different watering patterns.  
  • The watering wand has an inbuilt clip to lock the trigger in the open position. This helps with continuous watering without needing to hold the trigger pressed. 
  • This hose lance includes a lock-in screw on the telescoping tube, to set the hose lance to a fixed length.
  • The water wand thread is 3/4” Garden Hose Thread (GHT) and will fit all standard garden hoses.


The water flow control dial on the water lance body allows you to easily control and adjust the water pressure for each of the 7 watering patterns available. 
The many different stream types make this hose wand perfect for any watering or cleaning task. 
This is a heavy-duty watering lance, built with premium quality materials. It is sturdy and built to last for many seasons of intensive use. 
This watering wand model has a shock-resistant rubberized bezel dial that can prevent it from accidental drops and damage. 
The lock-in trigger clip is perfect for longer watering sessions as you will not need to keep the trigger pressed for continuous water flow. 
It is easy to use and maneuver and it is not as heavy taking into account the extended length that it can reach. 
This watering wand is compatible with any garden hose size, it has the standard hose thread connector. It is also equipped with rubber gasket washers, to provide an extreme water-tight seal, making this hose wand leak-free.
An 18-month worry-free replacement service is offered by the manufacturer. 
Restmo metal watering wand includes replacement rubber seal gaskets.


The nozzle pressure is not sufficient in some cases, especially if the water pressure in your water pipes is low.

Which telescopic garden hose watering wand do we recommend?

It is hard to decide between all the great extensible watering wands detailed above. They are all great watering tools useful for a wide range of gardening or cleaning activities. 
But considering all the comparable features, length, overall quality of the product, durability, and ease of use, our vote goes to Melnor RelaxGrip Extension Wand, 8-Pattern Pivoting Nozzle
This watering wand simply has all the features you can think of. It makes watering so easy, no matter if you need to water hanging baskets or the back of your garden without stepping in it. It includes all the necessary and most used stream patterns, and its extending length is perfect for most of the daily water tasks. 
Longer-length telescoping wands are usually used for cleaning activities, such as gutter cleaning, second-story windows cleaning, or house siding cleaning. For this type of task, a gutter cleaning watering wand can be a better option. 

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