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5 Best Soft Rain Watering Wands – Single Stream – Shower Head

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We believe rain wands are a special hose-end attachment and the stream they provide can’t be found in the multi-pattern nozzle head wands. The water wands with a single gentle shower stream accomplish the true purpose for which hose wands were created. This purpose is to use a Water Breaker Nozzle that can mimic the aerated, rain-like shower that plants love. 

And for the other tasks that you might use your garden hose for, there are many other water nozzles that you can choose. 

1. Dramm One Touch Rain Wand 16"

Dramm One Touch Rain Wand

Technical specifications

Size: this rain wand is available in two sizes, 16 inches, and 30 inches.

Weight: 14.4 ounces for the 16 inch and 15.2 ounces for the 30 inch

Colors: different colors are available for each size, like berry, blue, green, red, yellow, orange

Materials used: High Strength Aluminum Construction with a Thermoplastic Rubber grip and plastic nozzle head

Maneuvering type: Operated by thumb control. You can easily control water flow volume by sliding the control valve to the front, using your thumb.

Additional features:

  • 400 PL Water Breaker Shower Head that perfectly mimics the rain shower watering pattern. It helps you generously water the plants without damaging them. 
  • The nozzle helps you deliver water exactly where needed with medium pressure and a full water flow stream.
  •  The water volume distributed when using this hose wand is very efficient. This will help you cover a large area in a matter of minutes. 
  • Anti-leakage secured water wand assembly.

What type of stream to expect with the 400PL nozzle shower from Dramm? Check this short video from Dramm Oficial Channel. 


This rain wand attachment is lightweight, sturdy, and effective. 

You save water while using it. This is a secondary feature of the water breaker nozzle. 
It combines air with water while in use but still delivers a high-water volume. Using this type of nozzle head is efficiently saving water while in use. 

The wand flow is not so wide so you can focus on one plant at a time.

The nozzle head is removable and replaceable.
In case the nozzle head gets damaged, replacement parts sold by Dramm are available and compatible with any of their watering wands. You can either choose a plastic one with
stainless steel exterior finish or a heavy-duty aluminum one. 

The nozzle stream is gentle and efficiently resembles a natural rain shower that plants love. 

The hose wand’s full flow will help you quickly finish any watering task.

The hose wand nozzle thread is compatible with quick-connect hose fittings, so you can attach it to any garden hose size.  

Dramm has over 70 years of experience in all types of watering tools, making them a trustworthy brand.
Their watering Wands are built to the highest standards and properly tested before shipment.


The wand nozzle head has a fixed position. Hose Wand types with pivoting nozzle heads allow you to easily change the water stream flow direction.
This is still possible when using Dramm Rain Wand but you will need to switch the entire wand in order to point the stream upward or downward. 

The wand lance is not expandable and you can only choose from 2 different sizes. You need to do some measuring before purchasing to better understand which size will be best for you. Measure the distance to your hanging baskets or plant pots that are remotely placed. The same measuring is needed for hard-to-reach plants in your garden. 

Technical specifications:

Size: This hose wand is available in different sizes. You can choose from 16 / 24 / 30 / 36 inch size

Weight: Depending on the size, the water wand weight may differ as follows: 1 pound (16”)/ 7.2 ounces (24” and )/ 8 ounces (30”) / 7.2 ounces (36”)

Colors: Silver with black insertions

Materials used: Unbreakable Cycolac Resin, Drawn Aluminum, and Brass. It includes an Ergonomic Rubber Insulated Grip and an 8 inch Comfort foam-rubber grip. 

Maneuvering type: Operated by switching a Large, easy-to-use shut-off valve

Additional features:

  • This want nozzle head is also a ‘soft-touch’ 400 Water Breaker nozzle, similar to the Dramm Touch Rain Wand.

  • The main difference between the 2 models is the operating mode. Dramm Touch Rain Wand is operated by sliding a thumb control valve, while Dramm Classic Rain Watering Wand is operated by switching a shut-off control valve. 


This hose attachment wand has a water-saving nozzle. The nozzle head combines air with water while in use but still delivers a gentle full flow, for quick watering.

Anti-leakage secured water wand assembly.

Lightweight but sturdy and effective.

Available in different sizes and lengths.

Made of high quality, durable materials.

The foam-rubber grip on the wand lance is a very practical addition, especially for the longer wand sizes. 

Replaceable nozzle head.

Lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturer.


It has a fixed length so the length you buy initially must be the one you need. For these additional measuring is needed, and the necessary wand length should be established in advance.

The wand nozzle is not pivoting. Therefore, to change the water direction upward you will need to move the entire wand to point to that direction. 

Depending on the length of the wand, higher storage space is necessary. 

The longer-length watering wand models are more expensive than the average prices we would normally pay for a hose attachment.

Technical specifications:

Size: this rain wand has 33″ in length 

Weight: this watering wand weight is 11.2 ounces

Colors: metal and black, with yellow line insertions

Materials used: Stainless steel body construction with a soft, rubber-like ergonomic grip

Maneuvering type: operated by thumb control sliding, for easy maneuvering. This type of switch valve minimizes the stress on the wrist and hands.

Additional features:

  • The 400 tiny holes provide a gentle, full-flow shower for all garden plants.
  • Very well-designed hose extension attachments, especially their patented RelaxGrip handle built for increased comfort and ease of use. 
  • Hose wand thread size is compatible with any garden hose by using a hose quick connector fitting. 
  • Anti-leakage secured water wand assembly
  • Great and sturdy overall appearance. 


The Gentle Rain showerhead provides soft watering, great for newly seeded gardens or delicate flowers.

It is very comfortable and easy to use. 

Lengthy but lightweight. You can easily reach any specific spot in your garden.

The thumb control valve gives full control over the flow rate and pressure. It allows you to easily control water flow without needing to press hard or keep your hand tightly clenched.

This watering wand comes bundled with a Quick Connect adapter. This is a great addition as this type of connector is easy to use and fits any garden hose. So no need to worry if the water wand thread size is compatible with your water hose. 

A 2-year warranty is provided by the supplier.


The wand nozzle head is not removable. If the nozzle suffers any damage you need to replace the wand as the nozzle is not replaceable.

The wand does not have a pivoting nozzle head. Same as the previous model, if you want to change the stream direction you need to move the entire wand. 

Due to its size, this watering wand might need more storage space than the shorter wand models, or compared to the expandable water wands.

Technical specifications:

Size: this watering wand has a 36″ size

Weight: it has 1.1 pounds in weight 

Colors: metal, titanium, and black insertions

Materials used: Metal construction with high-quality aluminum body and metal grip. It also includes a foam cushion placed on the lance for easy grip with two hands.

Maneuvering type: this water wand is operated via a Front Pistol flow control Trigger  

Additional features:

  • The hose wand includes a flow control valve allowing you to adjust the water stream power when watering. 
  • Anti-leakage secured water wand assembly
  • It is perfect for gentle watering, distributes water precisely and evenly. 
  • Its length allows you to reach any remote spot in your garden. 


This rain hose wand doesn’t leak and the stream comes out perfectly!

Perfect weight considering the water lance length.

The water wand is sturdy and durable, made with premium quality materials.

The water flow rate is controlled by switching the control valve or by pressing the trigger. You can definitely find the water flow stream that you need.


The wand nozzle head is not replaceable in case of damages. 

The water nozzle has a fixed position, the nozzle pivoting feature is not available.

Due to its length, this watering wand will need special storage space while not in use. 

5. Gardena Clasic Spray Lance 29.5"

Technical specifications

Size: It comes in a 29.5-inch size

Weight: 10.6 ounces in weight

Colors: Grey, Orange, and Stainless Steel

Materials used: stable metal, stainless steel, and soft durable plastic

Maneuvering type: this rain wand is operated via an on/off switch lock and a water flow adjustment valve with a thumb switch.

Additional features:

  • The Gardena Classic Spray Lance produces a mild shower stream that resembles a natural rain shower. 
  • It includes an Anti-leakage system for proper functionality. 
  • This watering wand is lightweight and easy to use. 
  • The hose wand’s full flow will help you quickly finish any watering task.
  • Compatible with quick-connect hose fittings, so you can attach it to any garden hose size.  


Anti-freeze protection and prolonged sun exposure protection are guaranteed by the manufacturer. You don’t have to worry about where you leave your watering wand as it can stand all types of extreme temperatures. 

The water wand has a soft plastic ring on the head to protect it from damages in different situations.

The nozzle head has a hanging function included which makes the wand easy to store vertically when not in use.

A 5-year warranty is provided by the manufacturer.


The price level is a bit higher than the average price of the other hose wands we presented. 

The wand nozzle has a fixed position, the nozzle pivoting feature is not available with this model.


Our personal preference is the Dramm One Touch Rain Wand 16″. It best covers all the features we look for when choosing a hose wand.
The material quality and leak-proof assembly ensure the durability of this watering wand for many seasons. Its lightweight materials and thumb control operating mode ensure its ease of use for extended garden watering sessions. The wand nozzle head distributes the perfect amount of water and an effective and clear flow stream. We love using it! 

It is cost-effective, durable, and easy to use, and our garden plants love it too!

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