green ground mounted freestanding hose reel holder

How to Decide Where to Hang a Hose Reel

Well, you just received your garden hose reel hanger, and you can’t wait to start using it. But then immediately a pile of questions arises. Where is the best location to hang a hose reel? How high should it be installed? What factors do you need to consider or check before actually deciding on where to put your hose reel? 
To answer questions like the above-mentioned ones, don’t miss out on reading this post!
We will talk more about the things to consider before mounting your hose reel or hose hanger, as well as the most appropriate places to mount it. 

Preparing for the Hose Reel Installation – Preliminary Steps to Consider Before Hanging a Hose Reel

Before taking any action to mount the garden hose reel holder, consider the below important factors:

1. Understand the reel system weight

The most important thing to consider before deciding where you will be going to mount the reel is the reel weight when the hose is not coiled to it. To this weight, you must add the hose weight and then also sum up the additional weight that all the system gains when the hose gets filled with water. 

The mounting hardware and the surface onto which you will install the hose reel must be able to support the combined weight of the hose reel unit, the garden hose, and the water within the hose. 

For example, a standard 100 feet length of garden hose weighs approximately 14 lbs. When it is filled with water, the garden hose can even double its weight. If we add gravitation into the equation and consider we are maneuvering the hose and moving it around where needed, this also adds weight and tension to the wall-mounted reel system. 
Therefore, due to the weight of the filled hose and the pulling force during use, the mounted hose reel bracket must be installed on a solid surface. Usually, the manufacturer will mention the force that the mounting surface needs to withstand. 
In case such information is not available, would be better if you mount your hose reel on a surface that can withstand around 110 lbs. 

2. Install the hose reel close to an outdoor spigot

A garden hose reel holder connects to the water source using a smaller length of hose. This is usually called leader hose, or feeder hose and it is about 5 or 6 feet long.

When deciding where to install your hose reel, always choose a spot near your outdoor spigot. First, measure the length of your leader hose and connect it to the hose reel. Then test different positions for the hose reel, making sure the leader hose reaches the outdoor faucet without stretching. 

Always make sure the leader hose can reach the faucet prior to mounting the hose reel. 

3. Don’t install the hose reel above the water spigot

Even if it is necessary to mount the reel next to your water source when mounting the reel on a wall where the spigot is also installed, make sure you don’t mount the reel bracket right above the spigot. There are high chances the water pipe from the spigot goes up into the wall, vertically, above the spigot, and not down, into the ground. And when drilling the holes for mounting the reel bracket you can accidentally drill into the water pipe itself.

To avoid such damages, choose to install the reel bracket to a side position, near your water source while keeping a safe distance from it.  

4. Mount the hose reel close to the garden area that needs the most watering

Hose reels can hold a large length of garden hose that you can direct to mostly every corner of your garden. But the watering task can become easier if you have your hose reel mounted right in your garden, where most of the watering is done. 

The best-case scenario is when you have a solid wall and an outdoor faucet right next to the garden area where all your plants are. In case not all the factors are met in your case, try to find a place as near to the garden as possible, and mount your hose reel there.

5. Place the garden hose reel holder above clear soil

When choosing the place where to hang a hose reel, make sure you decide on a spot where you can reach the reel easily. The best option we found is to place the reel above clean soil where there is no obstacle between you and the reel. 

It is not recommended to mount the hose reel in an area where there are other plants growing as you will need to lean over those plants to reach the reel. Leaning over at difficult angles is not comfortable for your muscles and ankles and using the reel will become a chore. Moreover, if you have a manual crank handle reel it will be even more difficult to maneuver it while trying to protect the plants around it.

6. Mount the hose reel near the house corner

Mounting the hose reel closer to the house corner is a good idea, especially when the garden area surrounds your house. Mounting the reel near the house corner will allow you to reach an extended area in the garden while using the same length of garden hose. However, you will still need to make sure the reel connection hose will reach the outdoor spigot.

How High Should a Hose Reel be Mounted?

When talking about how high from the ground to mount a hose reel, most manufacturers recommend keeping at least a safe working distance between the ground and the bottom of the hose reel. In most cases this would mean at least 0.65 feet (200 mm), to make sure the reel will properly work. 
Of course, this may seem too low for most of us. So, to answer the question, how high you choose to mount a hose reel is up to your personal preferences. 
However, before deciding, understand how the hose reel is maneuvered and how many different positions and postures you will need to adopt while actioning it. You don’t want to make a huge effort by bending over or kneeling to reach the reel every time you need to use it. 

A hose reel is installed at the proper height so you can keep a healthy and safe posture while maneuvering it. The reel should be mounted neither too low nor too high for you to manage to wind and unwind your hoses with a minimum muscular effort. And to choose the correct height where to mount the hose reel, you should first consider your own height. 

As some of us are taller than others, our recommendation is to test first. Place the reel on the wall at different distances from the ground, without mounting it, and see how each feels to you. You will need a second pair of hands to help you with the testing, especially if you have a manual hose reel with a crank handle, but it will be worth the effort. 
In the end, when installing a hose reel, it is important to consider all factors and make sure it will be easy for you to use it. 

Where to Hang a Hose Reel

A hose reel holder that has a mounting feature, wall mounting bracket, or plate, can be installed onto different surfaces such as walls, vertical posts, house siding, fences, etc. You can even install it on a plane horizontal surface if the need is, on a concrete surface in your garden or patio. 

If you are asking yourself where to put your hose reel, here are some of the best places to install it:

1. Wall Mounted Hose Reel Hanger

The most convenient place to install a hose reel is on a wall, like one of your house or garage exterior walls. Most of the hose reels are usually mounted onto brick or cement walls, as these types of surfaces can best hold the combined weight of the reel system and the garden hose.

2. House Siding Mounted Reel Holder

Another usual place where a hose reel is mounted is the house siding. No matter which type of siding your house has, there are always installation solutions available. You can find specific mounting hardware for vinyl siding, stucco, and wood siding. If you don’t have the necessary accessories, hardware, and installation tools, it is easy to purchase them from any local hardware store. 

3. Fence Mounted Hose Reel

If you have your spigots in the garden, near a solid fence, then mounting the hose reel onto the fence is a good idea. However, you need to check the fence strength to understand if it can hold the combined weight of the hose reel, garden hose, the water weight that the garden hose can hold, plus the tension you will add to this entire system when using the reel.  
But in a conclusion, having your hose reel mounted in the garden, right next to the plants that need constant watering, is one of the best choices. 

4. Post Mounted Reel

Another good choice in terms of where to put your reel is to mount it on a post. This can be a wooden or cement post that is easy to install right next to your hose bib. Especially if you don’t want to drill holes in your exterior walls or siding, mounting the reel on a vertical post can be the perfect solution for you. You can buy a pressure-treated post separately from your local hardware or tool store and easily mount it in your garden or near the house, where your outdoor water spigot is. Then take the necessary steps to mount the reel onto the post.

5. Ground Mounted Hose Reel

Many wall-mounted hose reels work as standalone units as well. This means you can easily remove the hose reel from the bracket that is attached to the wall and use it as a freestanding hose reel. These types of hose reel models are very versatile, lightweight, and usually have a handle for easy transportation. So, if you don’t want to go through the wall mounting installation process, you can choose to use these types of hose reels as ground-mounted units. Meaning carrying them around when you need to water and then storing them away, after use. 

6. Spike Mounted Garden Hose Reel

Some garden hose reel holders are prebuilt to be installed on a spike. The spike that holds the reel is included in the package, so you won’t need to purchase it separately. This is freestanding post-like support that you can place in any place. Usually, it is mounted directly in the soil, in your garden or back yard, near a spigot.