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5 Best Automatic Rewind Self-Retractable Hose Reels (2022)

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If you are not a fan of manually winding your garden hose back to the hose reel, you will definitely enjoy an automatic rewind hose reel. And if you are searching for the Best Self-Retracting Hose Reel, then you are in the right place. 
In this post, we will provide the main details on what we consider the best five self-retracting hose reels, in 2022. Check our selection below! 

Before we jump into the details, please read more on how to properly take care of your hose reels so you can enjoy them for a longer period. 

Self-Rewinding Hose Reel Maintenance

Most hose reels need little to no maintenance. You simply need to manage them with care, and they will last you for years. However, if you want to make sure no bad surprises happen, minimum maintenance is recommended, in terms of storage and cleaning. 

Even if the hose reel cases are UV resistant and extreme weather resistant, avoid installing them in full sunlight and store them indoors during the cold season. Exposing them to freezing temperatures can cause the plastic case to become brittle. In general, all self-retractable hose reels can be pulled out of their mounting bracket and stored away when needed. 

Additionally, bear in mind to always winterize your garden hoses before storing them away during the cold season. 

To keep your hose reel clean, wipe the garden hose with a damp cloth from time to time, before winding it back to the reel. This will prevent dust and debris from the hose from being pulled into the hose reel case. Do not immerse the hose reel into the water for cleaning purposes as this can damage its internal mechanisms. Wipe the hose reel case with a damp cloth when needed and avoid using any corrosive or acidic cleaning solutions. 

½-inch hose:
32 feet
65 feet
98 feet
131 feet 
130 feet of ½-inch hose
90 feet of 5/8-inch hose
½-inch hose:
from 49.5 feet up to 115 feet
65.6 feet of 5/8-inch hose
98.5 feet of ½-inch hose
50 feet of ½-inch hose 
66 feet of ½-inch hose 
Hozelock Auto Reel With 131 Feet Hose
Hozelock Auto Reel (photo via

Color: grey with yellow insertions

Material: Polypropylene

Size (L x W x H) and Weight: 21.26 x 25.79 x 10.31 inches / 34.5 pounds

Installation type: wall-mounted  

Hose included: yes

Hose Length: 131 feet of 1/2 inch hose

Other Hose length available options: 32 feet / 65 feet/ 98 feet / 131 feet of ½ inch hose

The Hozelock auto-rewinding hose reel is a great option to choose. The model is available with different garden hose lengths, so you can choose the one that best fits your gardening needs. The above features are referring to the 131 feet hose model. 

This Auto Reel by Hozelock includes all the necessary accessories and fittings to have it mounted on a wall and connected to your outdoor hose bib. It also includes the garden hose, the leader hose, and the hose nozzle.  And all the parts and installation guides are included in the package. However, detailed installation steps are easy to find on the Hozelock youtube channel. 

Watch the How to Install step-by-step tutorial video from Hozelock here:  

What we like best about this self-rewinding hose reel is that it is lightweight for the length of the hose that it carries, compact, and easy to maneuver. 

The reel is mounted on a robust wall bracket that allows it to pivot horizontally in a 180-degree range while using it. This makes it perfect for reaching any area in your garden. All the necessary screws and wall plugs are provided and are suitable for brick, concrete, and stone. Additionally, you can easily remove the unit from its wall bracket and easily store it in a dry cool place during the cold season. 

The hose reel unit also includes child-lock protection which you can enable anytime to ensure the hose gets pulled only when you need it. 

The Hozelock self-retractable hose reel has a patented self-layering design that automatically neatly coils the hose with no kinks, tangles, or effort. It also has an integrated hose guide to ensure the hose doesn’t get tangled during the winding process. 

To use this reel, you only need to give the garden hose a little tug to unfasten the reel drum and start unwinding it. When the garden watering is done, a powerful spring automatically retracts the hose evenly and effortlessly.

This retractable hose reel comes with a premium quality, three-layer anti-kink garden hose. The water hose has a sweeper hose nozzle attached. Sweepers are twist nozzles that have a straight barrel that must be twisted to turn on the water flow. These types of water nozzles have a single type of jet stream that is easily altered by rotating the sweeper nozzle head. The water pattern can turn from a strong jet stream to a fine mist spray by doing so.


Of course, there are some downsides to consider as no product is entirely perfect. In this case, the installation process can become complex for some of us. And due to the product weight, receiving some help from a second pair of hands is a good idea in most cases. 

For the longer garden hose models, some people experienced a drop in the water pressure. If your outdoor pipes already have lower water pressure, the additional pressure decrease can become an issue

Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose Reel
Giraffe Tools Retractable Garden Hose Reel (photo via

Color: Dark Grey

Material: Polypropylene

Size (L x W x H) and Weight:  22.8 x 10.2 x 17.6 inches / 30.1 lbs

Installation type: wall-mounted

Hose included: yes

Hose Length: 130 feet of ½ hose

Other Hose length available options: 130 feet of ½ hose / 90 feet of 5/8 hose

This Retractable Hose Reel from Giraffe Tools comes already assembled, the only assembly you will need to perform is installing it onto a wall. 

It includes 124 feet of ½ hose and another 6 feet of leader hose, so 130 feet of ½ garden hose in total. The leader hose is detachable and can be replaced at any time. The garden hose is already mounted in the hose reel. The hose reel has an inbuilt hose guide that ensures the hose will get coiled evenly, layer after layer, without any tangles or kinks. 

All connections are made of brass. The included water hose is abrasion-resistant, kink-resistant, and has no memory.

For most similar models, the manufacturer stated the reel case should not be opened as severe damage to the reel’s internal spring mechanism can happen if you unscrew the reel case. Opening the reel case might lead to warranty voidance. 

Besides the garden hose, this hose reel also includes a 9-watering pattern thumb control hose nozzle. The different water stream types that can be produced by the hose nozzle are Center, Mist, Flat, Soaker, Cone, Rinse, Shower, Angle, and Vertica.

The hose reel package includes the necessary parts that you need to install it, a mounting bracket, and an anchor kit. 

A special feature of this self-winding hose reel is the “stop-anywhere” locking mechanism. Basically, the garden hose can lock at any length according to your needs. You need to simply pull the hose to the desired distance and then stop. The hose will lock at that length. To extend it even further, pull the hose once more and then stop. You can repeat this as many times as needed and for as long as the hose length allows it. 

To unlock the hose from the fixed-length position, give it a small tug and release the force. The hose will start retraction. And to shorten the hose to a new smaller length, let the hose retract until it reaches the desired length and then pull it out a little and then stop. 

Another useful feature of the Giraffe Tools automatic hose reel is the solid 180-degree rotation swivel bracket. This allows the hose reel to pivot to different directions within the 180-degree range, helping you reach the most remote corners of your garden. 

The reel can be easily disconnected from the bracket by lifting the handle upwards. You can use this feature when storing your hose reel away for winter. 

This hose reel is very easy to set up and start using. It is a real bliss and very helpful in keeping your hose organized while managing your daily garden watering. 

 A 2-year limited warranty is offered by the manufacturer. 


The winding force of the internal hose reel mechanism is often very strong. You need to hang on to the hose with care while it gets automatically coiled to the hose reel.
In some cases, there can be a drop in the hose water pressure. If your outdoor pipes already have lower water pressure, the additional pressure decrease can become an issue.

GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel
GARDENA Retractable Hose Reel (photo via

Color: Grey and blue

Material: Polypropylene

Size (L x W x H) and Weight: 27 x 11 x 22 inches / 20 Pounds

Installation type: wall-mounted

Hose included: yes

Hose length available options: different options from 49.5 feet up to 115 feet of ½ hose 

This compact self-retractable hose reel is a great addition to any home gardener. It is made with premium quality materials. It is durable, leak-proof, and reliable to be used for many seasons.

The hose reel is ready for immediate use, and it includes the hose reel, the garden hose, a sweeper nozzle, and all the necessary parts for installing onto a wall or stand. 

As we know, Gardena uses quick connect fittings which makes it very simple for us to change hose nozzles and hose end attachments. The hose reel also includes a convenient storage place designed for hose nozzles, underneath the wall bracket. 

The installation steps are fairly easy and quick to complete. In just a few minutes of setting it up, you will be able to put to work this flexible and practical hose reel. 

This automatic hose reel from Gardena has several special features. One of our favorites is the integrated hose guide which ensures an even retraction and prevents the garden hose from twisting and tangling.

The auto-winding works based on a spring system. You only need to give your hose a quick tug after use, and it will automatically start coiling back onto the reel. 

The wall bracket allows the hose reel to pivot. It can rotate within a 180 degrees range, making it easier for you to reach any remote garden areas without worrying about kinking your water hose. When you finish using it, you can easily fold it to the wall saving even more space.   

The reel box includes an ergonomically shaped handle for easy transportation when needed.  The hose reel is easily detachable from the wall support, so you can easily remove it for indoor storage during the cold season. 

For an increased lifespan, this Gardena hose reel model has layers of protection with both UV and Frost-Proof materials.

A 5-year warranty is offered, for detailed warranty conditions, please refer to the Gardena Website.


The price level is higher than other hose reel models with similar functionalities. 
In some cases, is possible to experience a slight drop in water pressure when using this hose reel. It mainly depends on the water pressure levels in your hose faucet.

Twinkle Star Retractable Hose Reel
Twinkle Star Retractable Hose Reel (photo via

Color: Grey

Material: PVC

Size (L x W x H) and Weight: 22 x 12.2 x 20 inches / 27.7 pounds

Installation type: wall-mounted

Hose included: yes

Hose length available options: 65.6 feet of 5/8 hose / 98.5 feet of ½ hose

The great thing about this hose reel is that it is available both with 5/8 inch hoses and with ½-inch hoses. The specs listed above are referring to the 5/8 inch hose reel model. 

The package includes 65.6 feet of 5/8 inch Garden Hose, 6.6 feet of Leading Hose, a 9 pattern pistol trigger hose nozzle, and all the necessary parts for installing the hose reel onto a wall or stand. 

The water stream patterns of the included hose nozzle will cover any water spray preference that you might have. The hose nozzle patterns are jet, soaker, angle, flat, cone, shower, center, rinse and mist. 

Among the other additional features, we can include the 180-degree pivoting wall bracket that will allow you to move and guide the water hose without worrying about tangles and kinks. 

This retractable hose reel works on a spring retraction mechanism. It will coil back the hose evenly and smoothly. You can mount it onto brick, concrete, wood, and stone walls or stands. 

To store during the cold season, you simply need to detach it from its wall post by lifting it upwards and holding its inbuilt handle.

It is a very compact and lightweight hose reel, easy to install and use.


The most common issue that has been reported is that the garden hose stops auto-retracting if you pull out the entire length of the hose. But the manufacturer provided two ways to fix this issue in case it happens to you:

  1. Hold the hose at the yellow warning mark and pull with a jerking motion until the hose retracts.
  2. Place the item with its right side down, and pull on the hose until it retracts.
GARDENA 18614-20 Auto Retractable Hose Reel on Metal Spike,
GARDENA 18614-20 Auto Retractable Hose Reel on Metal Spike (photo via

Color: dark grey with blue insertions

Material: Polypropylene with a Metal Spike

Size (L x W x H) and Weight: 16 x 10 x 28 inches / 23.8 pounds

Installation type: Freestanding

Hose included: yes

Hose length available options: 50 feet or 66 feet of ½-inch hose 

The GARDENA 18614-20 has similar functionality and features to the previous Gardena hose reel model detailed above. But what we like more about this specific product is the flexibility in terms of installation. You can easily install it anywhere in your garden, near a water source of course. 

As it is mounted on a ground spike, the installation is very easy and simple to do. Simply pick a spot in your garden and turn the metal spike into the soil. The metal spike is strong and provides great stability for the hose reel once mounted. 
See the step-by-step installation video from GardenaUK here:

The hose reel includes 66 feet of high-quality garden hose, all necessary Original GARDENA System and quick connection elements, a sweeper nozzle with two different spray jet options, and all the installation accessories.

Another amazing feature is the rotating functionality of this hose reel. It can swivel into a 360-degree range, basically towards any direction where you need your garden hose to move. Maximum freedom of movement is provided. 

This reel model also includes an integrated hose guide that will keep your garden hose tangle and kink-free while it is coiled and uncoiled from the reel. 

This Gardena hose reel works with a Roll Control technology which ensures slow and safe retraction, no matter how far the hose is unrolled.

Another feature to consider is the additional weather protection layers, for both high UV rays and frost protection. This hose reel can be used all four seasons but ideally, you should winterize your garden hose and store the hose reel indoors before the freezing temperature hits. This will definitely increase the lifespan of both the hose and the hose reel system. 

A 5-year warranty is offered, for detailed warranty conditions, please refer to the Gardena Website.


Again, the price level can be a downside when compared to other similar models from different brands. 


If you are wondering which option we would choose, then know that our vote goes to Hozelock Auto Reel. 

No matter which length of hose you need, you are more likely to find the right hose reel with the right hose length available at Hozelock. Their products are very high quality and very practical. 
Installation-wise, it may take you more time to figure it out, but once everything is set up, you will thank yourself for choosing this hose reel. 

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