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Do Hose Reels Work? Are Hose Reels Worth It?

Do hose reels work? Are hose reels worth it?

If you are still asking yourself whether buying a garden hose reel is a good decision, then our answer in most cases would be a hard YES! 

Our opinion is that garden hose reels are worth it and are great gardening tools to work with, no matter if you have a larger or smaller garden surface, if you have one or more hoses, or if you use larger or shorter garden hoses.

Read more details below to understand why we fully support investing in good-quality garden hose reels and constantly using them!

A garden hose reel is very efficient in keeping your water hoses properly stored

Every gardener has probably tripped over their garden hose which was laying on the ground or in some corner of their garden. Well, keeping your hose properly coiled onto a hose reel will take this risk off your shoulders. Moreover, using a hose reel holder will prevent any type of accidents that can happen and damage your hose or cause domestic accidents that put your safety at risk. While getting tangled in a garden hose and falling is a common situation for many of us, other types of accidents can happen too. For example, running over the garden hose with different garden machinery and causing irreversible damage to the hose.
Keeping your water hoses properly stored onto a hose reel will also improve your outdoor space décor as you will no longer see the hoses laying on the ground and looking messy. You can choose a decorative wall-mounted reel to store your hoses while adding a decorative plus to your garden design. Or you can choose a portable hose reel and store it out of sight when you are not using it.
No matter if you choose to keep your hose reel in a visible part of your garden, or keep it stored away when not in use, keeping your hoses coiled onto reels will make your outdoor area look clean and well organized.

When using a hose reel for your garden hoses, the lifespan of your hoses increases

When you attach your hose onto a hose reel and wind them onto the reel drum, the hose will not get tangled, and it will not have any kinks. These are two of the most common issues that lead to a garden hose being damaged and therefore, decreasing its lifespan. 
Additionally, when your hose is off the ground it is easier to keep it clean, avoiding dirt building up either inside the hose or over the hose. Keeping a hose clean will ensure it is properly functioning and will increase the hose’s life expectancy in the long run. 
And finally, when your hoses are not laying on the ground, there is no risk of running any gardening machinery over them, and therefore avoid any hose cuts, bursts, or shape damages. 
So, using a hose reel for your garden hoses works as a hose safety measure, increasing its lifespan while ensuring its features and functionalities are not decreasing over time. 

Forget about hose kinking issues when using a hose reel for your garden water hoses

As mentioned above, hose kinks can be a pain and cause frustration to any gardener out there. Hose kinking risks are 90% removed when using a hose reel. In some cases, depending on what type of reel you use, you might still need to manually correct the hose position while winding it onto the reel. But it is still a very small effort compared with coiling the hoses on the ground or over your arms.
Most of the time your garden hose will be evenly layered onto the reel without any intervention from your side, other than maneuvering the reel crank handle of course. 

When using portable hose reels moving your hoses from one place to another is very easy

We all know that pulling out the hoses, manually uncoiling them, and dragging them to where watering is needed, can be a pain. Well, when using hose reels this frustration seizes to exist. Most of the wall-mounted hose reels can be detached from their wall support and transported to a different spigot in a different place in the garden. Other hose reels are standalone units by default and have inbuilt handles for easier transportation. So, once you coiled your hoses onto a hose reel you can easily take your hose reel system to the desired area of your garden as long as you have a water source nearby. 
Additionally, when the cold season comes, it is very convenient to store the hose reel with the hose coiled onto it, in a garage, shed, or other storage space. Make sure to always winterize your garden hoses, by the way! 

The watering tasks will take less time to complete when using a hose reel

A hose reel is very efficient when it comes to how quickly you wind and unwind the hoses. While this action can take several minutes without a hose reel when using one you can be done with pulling out your hoses in seconds. And same goes for coiling them back to the hose reel. 
Purchasing helpful tools that also save you a lot of time is always a great choice. And hose reels are worth it. 

Watering becomes effortless when you keep your hoses connected on a hose reel

The overall efficiency of using hose reel holders is another great reason why using hose reels is worth it. Pulling out only the necessary length of the hose, easily moving it to the desired place, and starting watering or coiling the hose back to the reel are all effortless activities that you will learn to love when you use a hose reel. No more dragging the hose weight around while making sure you protect the garden plants, no more manually coiling the hose on the ground trying not to tangle it during the process. No more stressing about keeping it clean and organized. No more physical stress while watering! So, you see why using a hose reel is a great decision to make?

Hose reels have an increased life expectancy so you can use them for many seasons 

Finally, manufacturers with serious experience in producing gardening tools and hose reels, use premium quality materials and built their garden hose reels to last. Plastic hose reels can hold up in time as well as metal reels, but most hose reels are made from a combination of metal and plastic. 
Always make sure you are choosing a brand that proved its value in producing gardening tools. Most manufacturers offer different periods of warranty, which means they stand behind the quality of their products. 

When to use a hose reel?

You can use a hose reel in any activity where you would use normally use a garden hose. No matter if you are watering your garden, cleaning your patio, washing your car, or playing water games, you can surely use a hose reel anytime. 

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